Planning is crucial on every project.

The first decision I made for my prop was that a space boot is lacking in appeal. They are sparse on details. so I chose to create a ski boot instead.

The first step is to find a good reference point. For this I used an actual ski boot, taking a 360 degree photo by using AGI software. This allowed me to create a rough model to begin with, then I retopo with Topogun, UV'd with Unfold3D and spit a .obj file to 3Dmax.


Clay Render

The second step was organizing the UV patch for each part of the boot. I continued with Mari to create the dirt mask to ensure the dirt looked like covering continuous the Ski Boot. I created a general mask, and in 3Dmax using Vray multi sub material I plugged the mask as a separate material.

Third step was to bake AO and Cavity map for me to use as mask when i'm texturing with MARI.



In total I used eight materials for this prop:
- Chrome
- Copper
- Rubber
- Fabric
- Plastic
- Soil Dirt
- Oil Dirt
- Coal


to achieve the burn plastic look, i use MARI to create the damage that i want for me to use as a guideline,

and i move to Zbrush for sculpt the damage and generate Displace Map. 

because my props are in exterior scene, all my renders are without GI, so in NUKE i have to tweak the look to get tired of the noise, and light the edge using AO pass instead of GI in the rendering process.

hope you like it.