the second prop that i chose to put in my scene was the ESA Columbus because i feeled that i'm missing an element on the right side of the screen and the details don't have to be that important because is kind of far from the foreground ,

the only part that i taught will be cool to see is the door that have i nice and detailed amount also in "Interstellar"


so i start modeling with 3dmax and most of the modeling was with symmetry modifier so i could focus on the door as wall

after finishing the modeling part i supported every part on the model by his material and export FBX file and used Substance Painter to design the look of material that i wanted to get spatially with the dirt.

than i want back to max and offset each piece uv by one totaly 10 uv's than import the FBX file in mari and continue with generating diffuse,reflection,gloss,bumps maps.


  than i used multi sub material with 4 materials with different id's and every material used the same maps from mari but in a different way and value .